Fungible Poetics Inc.

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Fungible Poetics Inc. is a publicly owned poem by The Post-Art Poets, hereafter referred to as “The Sponsors.” Each word of the poem constitutes a single sponsored share for a total of 232 shares. Sponsored shares may be purchased with original poems. An “original poem” being anything—including that which is not textual—that is defined as such by the author of said poem.

In order to purchase a single sponsored share of this poem email a single original poem to A single Certificate of Share Ownership will be returned in exchange for each single original poem. Additionally, the owner of said share(s) will be listed below in the Share Ownership Record along with the percentage of the total poem that they own. There are no restrictions on the number of sponsored shares that a single owner can purchase. The sponsored shares will be sold on a first come first serve basis. In order for share ownership to be qualified as official it must be supported by both a Certificate of Share Ownership and the Share Ownership Record below.

Once all of the sponsored shares have been purchased from The Sponsors, shares may continue to change hands via secondary market transactions. Secondary market transactions must be registered with The Sponsors in order for the ownership transfer to be reflected in the Share Ownership Record below. Secondary market transactions may be registered via

Share Ownership Record:

The Post-Art Poets “The Sponsors”:
1 Share; .431% (This share is not for sale; the IPO has concluded)

Vanessa Place Inc
88 Shares; 37.931%

Mark Leach
78 Shares; 33.620%

Xxavier Edward Carter
50 Shares; 21.551%

Mike Mackenzie
4 Shares; 1.724%

Luc Gross
3 Shares; 1.293%

Jacqueline Valencia
2 Shares; .862%

Sal Randolph
1 Share; .431%

Strofka Méop
1 Share; .431%

Anton Haugen
1 Share; .431%

Jonrutz Moser
1 Share; .431%

Danny Snelson
1 Share; .431%

Chase Pashkowich
1 Share; .431%

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